Eclipse ATA (A)CMM/SB v5.4.4 for FrameMaker Released

Mekon is pleased to announce a new release of its Eclipse (A)CMM/SB for FrameMaker application.

Version 5.4.4 of the application is a maintenance release with the main change being support for the new FrameMaker 2017 release.

FrameMaker 2017

The application is now supported on the new release of FrameMaker, so that customers can take advantage of the new user experience interface in the latest Adobe 2017 release. Click here for full details of what’s new in Adobe FrameMaker.

Other changes

Other changes in this release include:

  • Corrections to formatting and generation of change bars throughout the application
  • Changes to the formatting of the IPL Numerical Index to make it more consistent across versions.
  • Enabled editing of the automatically generated Highlights section.

Customers with a current Mekon support and maintenance contract should have already received a link to download the latest version.  If you have not received this link please email moc.n1597215512okem@1597215512tropp1597215512us1597215512.

If you do not hold a current support and maintenance contract with Mekon and would like to upgrade to the latest version please email moc.n1597215512okem@1597215512greb.1597215512ennas1597215512us1597215512 for a quote.